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I really enjoy reading your newsletter every week. Especially because I’m not a huge wine person but part of my family is. So it’s always nice to get a little bit of knowledge before the next family gathering.

— Laura Kulik, @LMK_WRITING

Thank you for creating this amazing content. The wine world really needs demystifying and you are doing it the right way. I shared it with my good friend who is an enologist and he is so impressed with it as well!!

— Carles C

Another new approach to learning about wine.

🤓 I became a certified wine geek, but I did it the wrong way. I show you how to spend less time and less money to learn about wine.

📖 Learning about wine isn’t only about reading books and trying to make sense of multiple languages. It’s about drinking what you like.

🎉 Wine should be fun! And I try to make wine less serious with memes and plenty of pop culture references.

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