Wines For Your Mom – A Gift Guide

Happy Weekend,

Around the globe 2 weeks from now, many of us will be toasting to our wonderful mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day.

While we should treat everyday as Mother’s Day, it’s important to get the wine right for Mom.

So, here’s my tips for getting Mom a wine related gift for Mother’s Day.

Glam Up An Old Reliable

Hopefully, you know you Mom’s favorite wine. You can definitely give her that.

But if it’s inexpensive because your mom knows good value, then zhuzh it up.

Consider adding something like:

  • Cheese and crackers in a lovely basket
  • A nice olive oil and bread
  • Cheese knives or a new charcuterie board

Go Big With A Dozen Rose

Instead of a dozen roses, how about a dozen rosés?

My mother-in-law buys her own Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a dozen rosés from her favorite producer, Matthiasson.

Any rosé will do, as would your Mom’s favorite wine, for this beautiful bouquet.

And a dozen wines makes a case. So put a bow on it, and let Mom go to town on rosé all summer long.

Don’t Miss Out On Accessories

Computer Generated Wine Tools. Don’t buy any of these things, especially that awful wine opener.

Everyone could use another wine chiller. These wine sleeves are great for chilling wines and keeping them cold.

Also, I love the electric wine opener. Make popping bottles accessible, especially since those hands raised you.

And, I love picnic accessories for enjoying wine outdoors. You could go with a portable table, a great waterproof blanket, or stainless steel wine tumblers.

Ice Cold Champagne

Champagne is always a great gift. It goes perfect with any celebrations, especially Moms. Moms love champagne.

Champagne, the real stuff, never fails to delight.

Go down to you local wine shop and find a great bottle in your price range. If you need a little primer, read my Champagne guide.

And remember to chill it down for enjoyment upon your arrival.

Cheers to moms everywhere!

Your Friendly Wine Tutor,


P.S. – If you need helping gifting wine to anyone, here’s a helpful guide to giving wine.

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