Author: Brian McCann

Are you READY to really understand wine?

Happy Weekend, If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably noticed things have changed a bit over the last few months. There has been less tips and tricks, and there are more practical wine lessons. The reason: Anyone can do little wine bites, and frankly that ground is well-covered. So, it got me thinking, what truly […]

Make Your Next Wine Tasting A Hit

Happy Weekend, This past Monday, my worlds collided. I hosted a wine tasting for my colleagues at my 9-to-5. While I was nervous to start, it went surprisingly well. What I realized is that the best wine tastings have a few core things in common. Given these rules, let me illustrate two great examples of […]

Wines For Your Mom – A Gift Guide

Happy Weekend, Around the globe 2 weeks from now, many of us will be toasting to our wonderful mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. While we should treat everyday as Mother’s Day, it’s important to get the wine right for Mom. So, here’s my tips for getting Mom a wine related gift for Mother’s Day. […]

How To Trust Yourself When It Comes To Wine

Happy Weekend, One of the biggest mistake beginner’s make: Putting all your wine faith and fun in someone else’s hands. Just because you don’t know everything about wine, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything. In fact, you know the MOST IMPORTANT thing. You know what you like. Early on that distinction might be simple: If […]