Author: Brian McCann

You Need To Read The Wine Bible

Happy Weekend, There’s one book every wine lover MUST have. The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil. I recommend getting 2 copies. One for your reference desk and one digitally. Why? Because there’s no other book packing as much wine knowledge . Nearly every wine expert has the read the Wine Bible multiple times. Even reading […]

Find Your Perfect French Wine Region

Happy Weekend, A year ago, I wrote about the French Paradox because so many wine beginners get hung up on understanding French wine. The more I thought about this question, the more I realized that avoiding France is nearly impossible. All roads lead to: If you shy away from anything French or French-related, your wine growth will be […]

How To Assess Your Wine Learning

Happy Weekend, If you’ve been learning about wine for a while, you might ask yourself: When will I know enough about wine? Not to be all political, but it depends on what your definition of enough is. In reading wine books, passing multiple exams, and working in the industry, I organize wine knowledge in 3 baselines. Each […]