Author: Brian McCann

The 2 T’s for Spring Wine Enjoyment

Happy Weekend, I feel like the spring weather is finally here (hopefully, I’m not jinxing it). But the sunshine and warmth means we’re about to take our drinking outdoors, enjoy boozy brunches, and celebrate new beginnings. That said, there are 2 T’s that will maximize your spring wine enjoyment! Timing There’s no wrong time to […]

How To Focus Your Wine Learning

Happy Weekend, It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the AMAZING information the wine world has to offer. Heck, even I’ve struggled to keep it simple when creating the Official Study Guide for Wine Blueprint OS. That’s why I made a ranking prioritizer. This little spreadsheet can help you identify what areas of study are most […]

Create Your Own Wine Database

Happy Weekend, One of the best things you can do as a wine beginner is keep track of the wines you drink. Now, I love a good wine journal. It’s the absolute minimum of note taking for all wine learners. But the notes app on your phone isn’t the easiest for future reference. That’s why […]

Sneak Preview: Wine Blueprint OS

Happy Weekend, In a couple of weeks, I’m going to release Wine Blueprint OS—a complete framework for teaching yourself about wine. There’s a lot of knowledge out there, and that’s what makes learning so hard. The truth is you don’t have to get a fancy certificate (believe me, I have many of them). If you’re […]

You Need To Read The Wine Bible

Happy Weekend, There’s one book every wine lover MUST have. The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil. I recommend getting 2 copies. One for your reference desk and one digitally. Why? Because there’s no other book packing as much wine knowledge . Nearly every wine expert has the read the Wine Bible multiple times. Even reading […]