Author: Brian McCann

Stop Getting Fooled By Wine Lists

Happy Weekend, As a wine amateur, your biggest goal is: don’t look stupid. When someone hands you a giant list of wines, it’s pretty difficult not to wince or squirm in your chair. But, it’s easy to be confident if you follow my advice. Here are the 4 steps to conquering any wine list like a pro. […]

Two Wine Paths To Start 2023

Happy Weekend, This is a strange time for drinking habits. Two things are happening: 1) People are committing to Dry January. Hitting reset on their Holiday consumption. 2) Others are saying, “This is the year I’m going to commit wine learning.” About to level up their wine game. Whichever way you’ve decided to start the year, I […]

My Top 4 Wine Moments of 2022

Happy Final Weekend of 2022, It’s that time of year when everyone is sharing their list of wines of the year. But, I find those incredible lame. Here’s why. After 52 issues, if there’s one key that I’d like everyone reading to know, it’s this: Wine enjoyment is nothing without context. More important than the what is the who […]