How To Focus Your Wine Learning

Happy Weekend,

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the AMAZING information the wine world has to offer.

Heck, even I’ve struggled to keep it simple when creating the Official Study Guide for Wine Blueprint OS.

That’s why I made a ranking prioritizer. This little spreadsheet can help you identify what areas of study are most important to you.

After all these years, I’ve realized one thing:

Everyone’s wine journey is unique.

While there are plenty of prescribed methods, no one goes through the wine world in the same step-by-step method.

So, take 6 minutes and watch the video below to better understand where to rank each aspect of your wine learning.

If I had to choose two things for everyone to spend more time learning, it would be:

  1. How To Taste Wine
  2. France

Learning about both will pay you the most wine learning dividends over time.

But otherwise, enjoy the wine world in any way you see fit. You’re in control of your journey.

Your Friendly Wine Tutor,


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