How To Trust Yourself When It Comes To Wine

Happy Weekend,

One of the biggest mistake beginner’s make:

Putting all your wine faith and fun in someone else’s hands.

Just because you don’t know everything about wine, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything.

In fact, you know the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

You know what you like.

Early on that distinction might be simple:

  • You like red.
  • You like California wines.
  • You like Malbec.

If you can make that distinction, amazing.

There’s enough to unpack in each of those statements to go deeper into wine learning.

The nay-sayers, aka “wine know-it-alls”, will tell you that you’re missing out on something that is so obscure to your current wine knowledge and tastes.

As you learn about wine, your tastes will change and grow.

In the mean time, you can learn how to have a more confident wine opinion.

There are two ways to trust yourself when in comes to wine:

  1. Prove Yourself Right
  2. Prove Yourself Wrong

Prove yourself right

This one is arguably the more fun version, and best explain through an example.

Say, you know that you only like red wine.

You goal is to keep trying different reds until you find one you don’t like.

Boom. You’ve narrowed your scope to not include Carménère or Pinotage.

For the other examples above, you could try all the different regions of California: Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, etc. And Malbec fans, drink all the Malbec you can get your hands on from all over the world.

Prove yourself wrong

This one requires some bravery, and the desire to try something new.

The best part is you don’t have to waste your money on a bottle, you only have to wait for an opportunity.

Ask for a splash the next time your wine friend is excited about a wine the want to share.

Don’t like it? No worries, you just say, “Thanks. I’m more of a red/California/Malbec person.”

And if you happen to enjoy the wine, you’ve got a whole new corner of the wine world to explore.

I hope that you’ll be less afraid try more wines with this advice. Ultimately, that’s the best way to learn about wine: drink it.

Your friendly wine tutor,


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