Wine Isn’t For Robots and a new wine TV Series.

Happy Weekend,

Even in wine, we can’t escape the headlines of future technology and wine.

But here’s the thing:

Humans still make wine and humans still taste wine.

Without our input, the robots have nothing to go on.

Does that mean you should be a luddite and keep your wine notes on a stone tablet? No, but it means wine is about to usher in a new generation of wine drinkers with even more information at their finger tips.

Technology is a friend to wine. It has helped wine evolve.

Now, we have amazing, affordable, wines that are ready-to-drink and made throughout the world.

Embrace it.

The robots can get you to your answers faster, but you still have to ask good questions.

The Next Big Wine Show?

Starting today, Apple+ is releasing Drops of God, based on the hit manga series which inspired many Japanese and Korean wine drinkers.

One writer predicts this has the opportunity to be another Sideways moment.

This series is niche-enough in style and content that it might create that word-of-mouth groundswell that caused the Somm documentary to influence so many.

The TV show does make some major changes from the original series, but if it stays true enough to the core, it will be worth the watch.

What do you think? Will you watch Drops of God? If you do, let me know your thoughts.

Your Friendly Wine Tutor,


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