4 Zero-Proof Wine Alternatives

Happy Friday,

I’m set to race my first Sprint Triathlon in a couple weeks. As a result, my wine consumption is way down. We’re talking historic lows. 📉

For me, wine is best as a tasty companion to a meal or conversation.

And let’s face it, water is essential, but damn if it isn’t boring.

So, I’ve been experimenting with zero-proof cocktails and beers to bring the joy to my palate and retain the social experience.

But, these drinks are great substitutes if:

  • you’re looking to slow down a bit
  • you’re the designated driver
  • you want to wake up tomorrow feeling less groggy

Here are the four zero-proof drinks that I’ve enjoyed most.


​Busty Lush She’s Passionate Tropical Weisse​

This tart little number packs a punch, as the name suggestions. If you’re a fan of sours or kombucha, this might be your jam.

I find it really refreshing after a long run, and it’s great with summer salads.


​Seedlip Gin – Grove 42​

Summer is gin and tonic season. Who am I kidding, every season is G&T season.

What I love most about Seedlip Grove 42 is all the refreshing flavors. Their full-throttle gin is delicious too (should you want to replace your gin, but not your alcohol).

The best part about is that you can do 1:1 replacement for all your favorite Gin based cocktails.


​Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative​

This legit smells and tastes like Rum. I’m not a rum person, but I do love a Piña Colada (yes, frozen too. I’m basic)

So, I grabbed some tropical juice blend, coconut cream, ice and this rum alternative. Then, I threw it all in a blender. After, I garnished with mint.

I was in a tropical paradise…on a Wednesday afternoon. Magic.


​LMNT Electrolyte Mix​

If you’re drinking (ahem) exercising a lot, you’re going to be dehydrated. I’ve been enjoying LMNT for a while, and it’s great to get that Gatorade benefit without the sugar.

Plus, I dig that I can take packets with me on a run, hike or weekend trip.


This Week’s Free-Run Juice

*free-run juice is a wine term for the grape juice that comes from their own weight prior to pressing. These are weekly tidbits that came out from my own wine reading.

Coravin – Is it worth the squeeze?


Like I mentioned at the outset, I’m drinking less. So finishing a bottle of wine has become a problem.

I swear by the Vaccu Vin, but weeks ago, reader DJ asked me:

Q: Do you recommend a simple vacuum pump over the Coravin?

Here is my answer to Vacu Vin Pump vs Coravin debate:

1. Cost/performance ratio.

• For $10-20 the Vaccu Vin is incredibly reliable and works equal to a Coravin over a few days.

2. Beginners are drinking cheaper wines, and they have a shorter shelf life than nicer wine.

• I’ve seen cheap bottles fall apart within a day, sometimes hours. A Coravin can’t save cheap wine, because nothing can.

3. Because the wines are inexpensive, they also have cheaper materials.

• I’ve noticed that Coravin doesn’t behave well with some synthetic or cheaper cork solutions. The Vacu Vin pump fits nearly every bottle, although I’ve run into a couple issues with Rieslings over the years.

I give the edge to Vacu Vin, but if you can afford to drink expensive wines every week, then you can likely afford a Coravin.


Wine Thieves Apprehended: $1.7M in stolen wine

We love a great caper, and these wine thieves were precise in their absconding with high-priced bottles of D’Yquem, La Tache and DRC.

Thankfully, they were caught after 9 months on the run.

The high end wine world is packed with charlatans.


Carole Meredith hangs up her winemaking shoes

The OG of wine science, Carole Meredith, and her husband are retiring. She’s one of my favorite Napa outliers.

While I’m sad to know that Carole will no longer make wines, she’s passed the torch to another couple of Mt. Veeder legends, Aaron and Claire Pott.​

And in a nod to a simple time in Napa, the exchange took place for the grand total of $0.


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