Author: Brian McCann

Why You Should Double Down On Your Favorite Wines

Happy Friday, Too many people make the same mistake when learning about wine: Mistake: Trying to learn something about everything. This is the completely wrong approach. Solution: When you start, you should learn everything about something. Narrowing your focus to one aspect of the wine world does three things: Gives You More satisfaction Eliminates Your Distractions Creates a Foundation When […]

Why Vacation Wine Is The Best Wine

Happy Friday! When I worked in wine retail, people would always come in raving about the wine they had on vacation. They would claim that their vacation wine was: Hangover free Tasted amazing with everything they ate Surprisingly good (considering they normally don’t drink that type of wine). Well, there’s a reason that vacation wine […]

A Plan For The Perfect Bottle

Happy Friday, Life is short. So, stop waiting and drink that special bottle. Consider this email your permission to splurge and crack open the bottle you’ve been saving. But, opening expensive or sought-after wine comes with challenges. So, how do you avoid being disappointed by a wine you’ve hyped so much? Make It About The […]

Maximize Your Weekly Wine Budget

Happy Friday, Two things make wine beginners successful shoppers: A wine budget A shopping plan It’s not unlike going to the grocery store without a list. You end up buying on impulse. You fill the cart with things you don’t need. Stuff ends up expiring before you have a chance to enjoy. Here’s the scenario: […]