Author: Brian McCann

Why You Should Keep A Wine Journal

Happy Friday, If you’ve been here long enough, you should know that I have a few core beliefs about wine. One of them is that wine has the ability to connect us through stories. But as we lubricate our minds with drink, we tend to forget some of the details. Even breakfast seems foggy after […]

How To Keep Wine New and Exciting

Happy Friday, I hate to say it, but wine can get boring. And yes, that’s coming from the guy who talks about wine every week. But for me, wine rarely feels routine. That’s because I practice 3 strategies to keep my wine experiences new and exciting. So, if you feel your wine journey flatlining, these techniques […]

4 Zero-Proof Wine Alternatives

Happy Friday, I’m set to race my first Sprint Triathlon in a couple weeks. As a result, my wine consumption is way down. We’re talking historic lows. 📉 For me, wine is best as a tasty companion to a meal or conversation. And let’s face it, water is essential, but damn if it isn’t boring. So, […]

5 Favorite Lessons From My Wine Heroes

Happy Friday, This Sunday will be the 5 year anniversary from when I launched the Road to Wine Expert Virtual Summit. This online series of wine interviews would completely change my life for the better. I learned so much about wine and even more about myself and the world around me. Here are my favorite […]