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Two Books For Every Wine Beginner

In the last 90 days, there have been 472 books published in the Wine Tasting category on Amazon. Wine clearly has a publishing problem. That makes it difficult for beginners to find books that are worthy of their time and attention. So how can you decided where to focus? For wine beginners, there’s only two […]

7 Proven, Affordable Wine Tools To Better Your Wine Drinking

When it comes to wine, most beginners neglect getting the proper tools. But the right tools can transform your wine drinking experience. They can make drinking, storing, and enjoying wine easier. And these helpful wine tools, aren’t expensive either. So, let’s dive into 7 proven, affordable wine tools every wine beginner should own. ​ A Dedicated […]

4 Ways You Can Buy Wine That You’ll Love

Issue #15 Today, I want to prevent you buying wine that you don’t enjoy. Being disappointed with a wine purchase is a pretty common feeling for beginners, but there’s good news. Buying bad wine is completely avoidable. Here are 4 tips that will help you enjoy your next wine purchase. They almost guarantee that you’ll […]