Get Ready to Celebrate Open That Bottle Night

Happy Weekend,

It’s February and that means we end the month with an OG wine holiday: Open That Bottle Night (OTBN).

OTBN is celebrated on the last Saturday in February, and it’s the excuse to pop that bottle you’ve been holding on to for some “special occasion.”

Years ago, when I interviewed Cal Fussman, I had adopted the same mentality. But then, I called it: Because It’s Thursday (BIT).

What I love most about OTBN/BIT is that it’s not about posting bottle porn social media. It’s about getting together with people you love to celebrate and make new memories.

It’s a time to stop placing wine on a pedestal, and start placing it in our glass.

So, with over 3 weeks to prepare…

Who are gathering together and what are you drinking?

Your Friendly Wine Tutor,


P.S. – Here’s a link to great summary of OBTN.

P.P.S – You can make OBTN even more memorable by tasting several bottles with lots of friends.

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