Next Time…Drink Two Bottles

Happy Weekend,

Wine amateurs drink one bottle at a time.

Wine pros drink two or more bottles at a time.

This is the secret to understanding wine faster.

What’s wrong with drinking one bottle?

When you drink one bottle at a time, you’re in the right lane with your blinker on the whole time.

“Move it, Granny. I’ve got some serious wine learning to do”

The problem is that you’re relying on your wine memory. And unless you keep a detailed wine journal (and most of you don’t), your wine memory is garbage.

But, there’s a way for you to switch lanes and speed up. That’s two bottles.

What’s the advantage of drinking two or more bottles?

Welcome to the Autobahn, baby!

You’re cruising at high speed because you can compare and contrast two different wines. You’re about to learn way more about wine and what you like.

But, the key isn’t to drink two entire bottles by yourself. Poor driving would be the result.

No, you’ll want to grab a couple friends and have a nice evening (don’t forget to Uber). Because you’ll start to notice differences and have conversations about the wine.

You’ll stop gulping and start talking. Wine learning is suddenly a fun. Throw out the textbooks and have a blast.

But, can you pick any 2 bottles? You bet, but there are some that will get your wine learning at top speed.

How do you pick two bottles to taste side-by-side?

You’re welcome to pick any two bottles, because it heightens your sense. But if you want to hit that nitrous boost, here are my favorite dueling wine options:

  1. Price Points – You don’t have to go extreme. In fact, sometimes even a ten dollar difference can provide interesting results.
  2. Different Vintages – Try the same wine from different years.
  3. Same Variety from Different Producers – What’s really fun is finding fruit from the same vineyard.
  4. Different Varieties from the Same Producer – You’ll see similarities in style.
  5. Prosecco/Cava vs. Champagne – You’ll notice the difference in texture and flavors.

What’s the secret of these comparisons?


We avoid it far too much these days. But when you put two wines in front of two or more people magic happens.

You have to choose.

And if you have fun mates, they’re going source you to provide evidence for your beliefs.

Taking a stand on wine in front of your peers is like driving for the very first time.

Is it awkward and scary? Hell yeah.

Do you learn faster through practice and mistakes? Absolutely.

Touting your opinion is going to make you learn far more than reading wine books and drinking a bottle by yourself.

You can’t learn to drive a car by reading the owner’s manual.

Wine is social. Make it that way.

Now get to drinking more wine with more friends.


Don’t drink and drive.

P.S. – The next time you share bottles, I’d love to know what you tried and your opinions. Send me a note any time you want to talk about wine.

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