Welcome to the wild world of wine

Welcome Reader,

You’re here! Hooray. That means you’ve taken the scary and exciting first step into the world of wine.

I know it seems intimidating, but I promise that things will start to become clearer soon.

My favorite thing about wine lovers, like me and you, is that we all self-select into learning more about wine. For some reason, we chose to dive deep and discover more about this delicious fermented grape juice.

Over the next few days, I’ll send you some of my favorite wine resources including videos, podcasts, books and more. Plus, you’ll get weekly updates about my upcoming book.

But first of all, I like to ask every wine lover I meet:

What got you into wine? Was it a particular moment, wine or experience?

I fell hard for wine on my first trip to Napa. But enough about me…

I’d love to know more about your journey, so please¬†reply to any of my emails and tell me your story with wine.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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