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Find Your Perfect French Wine Region

Happy Weekend, A year ago, I wrote about the French Paradox because so many wine beginners get hung up on understanding French wine. The more I thought about this question, the more I realized that avoiding France is nearly impossible. All roads lead to: If you shy away from anything French or French-related, your wine growth will be […]

How To Assess Your Wine Learning

Happy Weekend, If you’ve been learning about wine for a while, you might ask yourself: When will I know enough about wine? Not to be all political, but it depends on what your definition of enough is. In reading wine books, passing multiple exams, and working in the industry, I organize wine knowledge in 3 baselines. Each […]

Next Time…Drink Two Bottles

Happy Weekend, Wine amateurs drink one bottle at a time. Wine pros drink two or more bottles at a time. This is the secret to understanding wine faster. What’s wrong with drinking one bottle? When you drink one bottle at a time, you’re in the right lane with your blinker on the whole time. “Move […]

Forget Interested. You Need To Commit.

Happy Weekend, I started training this week for my first half marathon in April. Running, as you may know, is a habit I picked up last year. My obsessive personality leads me deep into consuming everything about a new topic. In Bravey, author, filmmaker and Olympian, Alexi Pappas, describes the line between interested and committed. “To […]