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Finding Aromas In Wine

Happy Weekend, Reader questions inspire my favorite newsletters. This week’s topic is courtesy of a wonderful conversation with Swati. đź‘‹ She said: I’m curious to learn how to distinguish all those flavours they talk about – woody, chocolate, plumy, etc. A reader question from Swati So, how do we find flavors in wine? Taste vs. […]

Why Is Wine Expensive? – Part 1

Money, money, moneeeeyyy, I won’t bury the lede with the happy weekend talk. Price is one of the things preventing you from enjoying wine more. Beginners see wine as expensive, and they are afraid to move out of the their comfort zone. But as you understand wines’ price, you become a better consumer. You buy with […]

Enjoy The Mystery of Wine

Happy Weekend, I was at a bit of a loss for words this week—troubling if you write a weekly wine newsletter. But when it does happen, I have a system. I go to the archives. And luckily, I didn’t have to go far. On the other side of this journey, I discovered the interconnectedness of […]

Bring Your Authentic Self To Wine

Happy Weekend, In my latest round of research, I’ve been looking at lots of wine reviews, wine marketing emails, and wine bottle porn on social media (don’t worry Mom, it’s not what you think). Sadly, wine speak is at an all-time high. Everyone in wine is guilty of being hyperbolic and using insider talk. Worst […]